Rosie Carne is a Photographer based in London she graduated with a BA (Hons) in Photography at the University West of England. Her work is focussed on the music industry shooting live music and portraits. Her work with different artists has displayed her versatility from live music settings to portraits.

2020: UWE & Hot Potato Open Air Exhibition, Bristol  2021: UWE Solid Air Launch, Photobook Cafe
2021: UWE Solid Air Launch, RPS and Martin Parr Foundation

2023: English Teacher, SXSW Poster
2023: Grandmas House, Who Am I
2022: Gigwise, Nell Mescal and Phoebe Green
2022: So Young Magazine
2022: Clunk Mag, Truck Fest
2022: Gigwise, Wide Awake Fest
2022: Gigwise, Summer Issue
2022: Groupie Magazine, Vol II
2021: Grandmas House, DIY
2021: Grandmas House, Dork
2021: Grandmas House, Upset
2021: Grandmas House, Everday Mag
2020: Grandmas House, Bristol in Stereo
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